Laboratories Accredited with International References

Eti Maden who provides services about providing scientific data about borates, provides a complete and trustworthy service in a timely manner with a focus on quality, by fulfilling the requirements stipulated by the analysis methods, with internal and external trainings, through professionals whose expertise are developed.

Eti Maden, who designs the future of the boron mine, in order to determine the quality standards of borates and to achieve higher production efficiency at low cost, has established laboratories that are compliant to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Laboratory Quality Policy, TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Laboratory and Test Equipment Accreditation Agreement and TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Laboratory and Test Equipment Accreditation Certificate and Documentation of Accreditation Scope and international standards. These laboratories where the required analyses for R&D project studies are done are, age analysis laboratory and instrumental analysis laboratory. In the related laboratories;

  • Boron Compounds Analysis
  • Chromite Ore Analysis
  • Trona Analyses
  • Natural Silicates and Barite Ore Analyses
  • Water Analysis
  • Other Analyses (Sieve Analyses, Density, Thermogravimetric Analysis, sample preparation)

are being carried out.

High Productivity in Global Quality Standards

Boron products produced in Kütahya – Emet, Balıkesir – Bigadiç, Bursa-Kestelek, Balıkesir – Bandırma ve Eskişehir – Kırka facilities of Eti Maden are subjected to physical and chemical analysis and quality research is carried out in advanced technology devices.

Eti Maden aims to produce the most valuable mine of Turkey, borates with international quality standards as highly productive, with high quality, sustainable and low cost, is contributing to Turkey and world mining with scientific data by analysing borates as well as other minerals under the field of activity of the institution in line with the demands during the laboratory works. In addition, in these laboratories that guide the developments in the mining sector; activities such as participation in the implemented R&D projects, performing research/analysis upon customer feedback and performing analysis in the direction of third party requests with charge.

Eti Maden’s goal in laboratory research is taking the demands into consideration to the highest level. In this direction, it closely monitors the technological developments in the mining sector and continuously improves its laboratories. Objectivity, independence, confidentiality, reliability and quality-oriented approach have been adopted as fundamental service principles in laboratories.

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