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Increasing High Yield in Agricultural Areas with Boron

Plants grow in agricultural areas valued with the touch of boron, and there is a visible increase in yield quality. With its extraordinary effect on the plants, boron is frequently preferred in recent times in agriculture industry. Plants that do not meet with the necessary amount of boron can be developed, however they can not reach the desired quality in fruit and seed production. With the application of boron to the plants, fruit & seed loss is prevented. Within the direction of use of boron, it is ensured that agricultural fields are valued and producers gain high profit with low cost.

High Yield at Low Cost with Boron

Usage dose of the boron which ensures the highest level of yield from agricultural products has a very important place in the development of the plants and the achievement of the desired quality. Incorrect dosages and erroneous applications can lead to undesirable consequences and damage to plants. In the right dosage and application, it helps to give the best quality crops and to the development of agricultural products.

Touch of Boron to Agricultural Industry: Etidot-67

Etidot-67, which was developed in 2010 in R&D projects carried out by Eti Maden’s professional specialists in the industry, is helping agricultural areas to produce high-yield products. Etidot-67, an important plant nutrient produced from the reaction of borax and boric acid, contains 20.8% boron. Etidot-67 is a specially developed product for the agricultural industry. It is dissolved in water and used in soil and leaf applications. It is also preferred as insect pesticides and to protect wood materials from harmful organisms such as fungi.

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