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The Boron Miracle for Plants.

Eti Maden, Designing the Future of Boron, has developed the Etidot-67 product as a result of the R&D projects carried out in order to extend the use of borates in agricultural areas. In order for the agricultural industry to have efficient areas, Etidot-67, which was developed in 2010 by professionals specialized in their industries and containing 20.8% boron, positively effects the yield from the agricultural areas in Turkey and the world, soil quality and development of plants. In this direction, fruit and plant quality is increasing and agriculture economy in Turkey and in the world continues to grow.  Etidot-67, an important plant nutrient produced from the reaction of borax and boric acid, contains 67% boron oxide.

High Yield in Agricultural Areas with Etidot-67

The boron agricultural product Etidot-67, which plays an important role in the development and productivity of plants, with its miraculous effects on plants, it has started to be used especially in the last period in agriculture industry. The plants take the elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which are necessary for growth and development phase, from the soil and fertilizer. Agricultural areas, which are getting smaller every day with chemical fertilizer usage, become sustainable with Etidot-67 boron fertilizer product. Etidot-67, a boron-containing fertilizer that increases the quality of fruits and seeds compared to chemical fertilizers, aims to reach the highest level of agricultural areas with a special mixture for undesired plants.

Miraculous Etidot-67 Effect in Plants

With the application of Etidot-67 to the plants grown in agriculture fields in Turkey and in the world, the loss of fruit and seed is prevented. This causes the manufacturer to make high profits at low cost and evaluation of agricultural lands. Agricultural lands in our country and in the world continues to gain value with its boron and boron content Etidot-67. Etidot-67, produced at Bandırma Boron and Acid Plants Operation Directorate, is a specially developed product for the agricultural industry and it is used in leaf applications as solid to soil and with spray method as liquid. At the same time, it is preferred as insect pesticides and to protect wood materials from harmful organisms such as fungi. Etidot-67, a boron agricultural product that helps to bloom abundantly and healthy, can be easily used with its rapid dissolution in water.

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