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Natural Cleaning with Boron

Modern detergents derived from petro-chemical products contain many substances. The most important of these materials are;

  • Surfactants,
  • Builders
  • Whiteners.

In detergents, the two main ingredients, active oxygen and chlorine, are used as bleaching agents. The main ingredients used as active oxygen source in the detergent composition are sodium perborate and sodium percarbonate. The main source of chlorine is sodium hypochlorite.

Boron compounds are a natural cleaning agent and have been used since 1800’s. Without applying a chemical process to the boron mine extracted from the earth, with only a physical process, borax product is obtained. Borax is a natural compound that comes in the form of sodium, water, oxygen and boron. Borates, due their properties such as facilitating stain removal and bleaching, stabilizing enzymes, alkali buffering, water softening and improving the performance of materials used as surfactants, have an important place in the cleaning sector and R&D studies are being carried out in order to use them more effectively in the cleaning sector. Considering the disadvantages of detergents from petroleum derivatives to human health and environment, borax steps up with its naturalness.

Borates are used in many different forms of laundry detergents, household or industrial type cleaners and personal care products.

The advantages borate and perborates have on detergents include:

  • Alkaline buffering and pH control,
  • Water softening (producing a complex soluble calcium complex),
  • To improve the performance of the surface active agent,
  • To prevent dirt from reattaching to the surface,
  • That perborates possess bleaching properties,
  • Enzyme stabilization,
  • To prevent the reproduction of bacteria and fungi in personal care products.

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