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Boron Insulation Materials Protect Your Living Space

Insulation materials, which are an important element in heat, sound and fire insulation, are produced from natural materials.  Boron insulation materials formed by mixture of cellulose and boron with the addition of borates, it has an even more effective application area, is widely used in closed areas with its long service life. Boron insulation materials which are harmonious with nature and which save energy in closed areas by avoiding heat change thanks to its strong thermal insulation, do not harm human health in any way and they can be easily applied to all kinds of surfaces and makes comfort in the living area reach to the maximum level. Boron and boron-containing insulation materials create a saving, durable and strong insulation area.

Borates, which are also important raw materials in sound insulation, In areas such music studios, performance centres, they reduce the noise input-output to the interior and the noise from outside to the minimum level and make places comfortable. In addition to heat and sound insulation, these materials, which also provide fire insulation with the addition of boron, delay the flame formation by preventing the space from meeting with oxygen in possible fire situations. It reduces the smoke emission to a minimum level and prolongs the period of the release of the gases which threaten human health. Boron insulation materials which are widely preferred in textile industry as well, are used in many sectors related to products that are at risk of burning and explosion. Insulation materials containing borates that are sensitive to the environment, providing confidence and comfort, carry the quality to the highest level in their living spaces.

Affordable and Efficient Insulation

Affordable and long-lived boron insulation materials are manufactured by natural feedstock. Boron insulation materials are dust, heat and water resistant. It can’t be deformed by the damage caused by insects  and rodents. It has no carcinogenic effects on human health due to its chemical component-free structure. As a stable and long-lived consumer good, it is immune to corruption, rust and metallic corrosion. It ensures a secure, budget-friendly and comfortable living space by providing heat, noise and fire insulation simultaneously.

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