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Long-Life Wood Protection with Boron Products

Boron compounds are frequently preferred in the wood protection industry in Turkey and in the world. Chemical wood preservation products with many toxic chemical effects, which are restricted in many countries in Europe started to give way to boron protection products that are sensitive to human health and environment. Wood protection products produced with boron compounds are products resistant to harmful biological agents, readily soluble in water and easily applicable.

Boron Protection Products that are Applied on the Wood Easily

Without the need for costly techniques, in the impregnation process carried out by dipping, immersion, brushing, spraying, vacuum or pressurized systems in the interior of wooden and wooden products, boron compounds are used. Boron compounds transform the wood into a strong and durable material, extending its useful life and provides saving. Also, in possible fire situations, since it reduces the intensity of flame to a minimum level compared to other wood protection products, it reduces any damage that may occur to the lowest levels by ensuring the safety of its area. When the wood material is exposed to high temperatures, it is quickly charred by discharging the water within the outer layers quickly. Transmission of heat to the inside from the carbonized outer layers are prevented with boron contribution and it provides slow burning; helps to minimize the loss of life and property by saving time in fire situations for emergency intervention. Due to its solubility in water and high humidity environments, it can be placed in holes drilled on wood in the form of salt rods in wood constructions that is protected or not and it can be applied by spreading to the material by dissolving it with water or damp effect.

Environment Friendly Boron Wood Protection

Wood coatings that reach common use are by transforming into durable, quality and long lasting products with boron protection products, are environmentally friendly products that do not damage the ecological balance. Boron protection products do not contain any threats to human and animal health. It prevents the formation of harmful organisms on wood. It is also used as a protective against fungi, insects, termites and sea pests. In this direction, a long-lasting, durable, environmentally conscious and human-friendly wood protection is ensured with boron products.

Boron wood coatings that provide long-lasting durability to the application area, helps to protect forest areas and reduce tree consumption by extending the service life without maintenance at low cost.

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