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The Shine of the Glass coming from Boron

Boron products produced in Turkey, which possess 73% of world reserves, are widely used in the glass sector both in the domestic market and international market. Boron, which is preferred in many sectors due to its unique properties, is among the important raw materials of glass industry in particular.  Glass products are transformed into a product that is heat and chemical resistant with the touch of boron. It is planned to expand the use network of glass, that will reach different usage areas with the contribution of boron, together with ongoing R&D studies.

Borosilicate glass obtained by using boron products are used in various fields such as in glassware products which are frequently used in the kitchen such as glass tray, storage container, teapot and coffee pot which are required to be more resistant to heat and chemicals, on the screen glasses of electronic devices, in lighting fixtures desired to be transformed into a durable state, Solar energy systems, camera lenses, binoculars, in aircraft and automotive industry, in medicine industry to be used in the bottling process of syrup, antibiotics, vitamin pills etc., bottled beverage industry, in production of glass products used in scientific research laboratories.

Environment Friendly Glass Wool

Glass wool produced from glass fibres which are liquidized by heat and converted into an ergonomic structure, achieves a strong and durable structure with additional boron oxide content during the production phase. Glass wool, which is effectively used in heat and sound insulation, is produced in various forms such as blankets, sheets, pipes and casting. It is used on the inner surfaces of walls and concrete, stairs and elevator spaces, in wood, metal and snap fittings, in air conditioner and roof blankets, in external insulation, industrial pipes, heating systems, central heating systems and etc. areas. Glass wool which does not mould, does not scatter, does not decay, does not corrode and rust, is resistant to temperature and moisture and additionally, it can not be deformed by pests and micro-organisms.

Low Cost Reinforcement Fiberglass Resistant to Chemical Reactions

Reinforcement Fiberglass, another glass product formed by the addition of boron, is an industrial product that is produced with low cost, high tensile, resistant to chemical reactions and impacts. In particular, reinforced materials and composites, they are used in sea bots, ski gears, fuel tanks, ships, train wagons, roofing materials, electronic circuit boards, bumpers, mudguard, seat and front panels of automobiles. It also plays an active role in the production of wind panels in the “Green Energy” sector.

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