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Boron in the Every Aspect of Life

Boron products transformed into high value-added products by Eti Maden, have a widespread use in conjunction with ongoing R&D work. Borates are used in construction and cement industry for strengthening and insulation purposes in insulation materials. Insulation materials containing borates that make the structures more robust and heat resistant, are used in making lightweight and low cost products.

In nuclear applications, boron steels, boron carbides and titanboron alloys are extensively used in atomic reactors. It is preferred as a neutron absorbent of boron steel which is very resistant to rusting. Approximately every boron atom absorbs a neutron. Borates are also used for control system of atomic reactors and cooling pools and reactors alarm closing. Cholemanite is also used for storage of nuclear wastes.

In the automobile industry; boron used in making airbags and antifreeze is used to ensure immediate inflation of the airbags. At the time of impact, the mixture of elemental boron and potassium nitrate is activated by electronic sensor. Once the system is activated; the total time the airbags should be in motion is 40 milliseconds. It is also used as antifreeze in automobiles and also in hydraulic systems.

Borates are widely used in missiles and flight fuels. It is used as fuel additive material in special applications.

In solid and cell fuels R&D studies on cell fuel producing energy from sodium borohydride are continuing. Hydrogen is present in the sodium borohydride chemical bonds and the catalyst releases the hydrogen.  The basic principle in this production is the reaction of water with borax. Hydrogen produced from this reaction can be fed directly to internal combustion engines or may also be used in cell fuels.

Also, boron products are preferred in a number of areas such as fiber optics, cosmetics, rubber and plastic industries, photography, fireworks and similar explosive substances, oil paints, sands and abrasives, composite materials, magnetic devices, advanced technology researches and mummification.

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